Omaha Beach

Hell on the sand of Normandy for Americans

With a 24-hour delay due to bad weather conditions, General Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, nicknamed Ike by his men, finally approved the launch of Operation Overlord on June 6, 1944. These men, spearheads of the 1st and 29th infantry divisions, squeezed into these too narrow barges and weighed down with substantial equipment, were about to set foot against this Norman gate. They have been on board for 4h30 and cover the ten kilometres that separate them from the Atlantic wall. This landing in Normandy must be a success, because after landing, going straight east and Berlin, kicking Hitler’s ass, they will be able to stamp their return ticket and finally see their families there, so far away. Among these brave men were brothers Bedford and Raymond Hoback and Lieutenant Elijah Nance, all three from Virginia and members of A Company of the 116th Regiment, whose target is Vierville, facing dog green. Further offshore, on the battleship Augusta, General Bradley, commander of the first US Army, waited anxiously for the fighting to begin.

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Gold Beach
Omaha Beach 1
Omaha Beach 1
Omaha Beach 1

The battle in the Omaha Beach area has inspired many film and series directors such as Stephen Ambrose’s and the film Band of Brothers.